Glacier Hiking

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Glacier Hiking, Glacier Climbing & Guided Glacier Tours

Glacier hiking and climbing
Matanuska Glacier access is located along the Glenn Highway at approximately Mile 102. The glacier is open year around. Bring your family and friends to see this spectacular glacier.

Hiking, treking and photography. We offer safe and experienced glacier guides on Matanuska glacier, with ice climbing and hiking gear. You are welcome to hike the glacier trails on your own or with the comfort and safety of our experienced guides. Trails are located within the park area offering a variety of skill and fitness levels.

Join us for a fun filled day exploring the Matanuska Glacier. "The largest glacier accessible by car in Alaska". The scenic two hour drive north east of Anchorage on the Glenn Highway makes it an easy day trip from Anchorage. The matanuska is a beautiful valley glacier twenty four miles long and four miles wide decending twelve thousand feet to the terminus. Nestled in the breathtaking Chugach mountains. Our unique location gives us some of the best weather in the state of Alaska.

It is a fifteen to twenty minute hike to the ice for those who want to explore on their own, or a fully guided glacier trek for those interested in learning about glaciology and history . Ice climbing instruction is also available.

Glacier tours, glacier hiking & glacier viewing all available at Matanuska Glacier.

Matanuska Glacier is 27 miles long, accessible by car & is only a two-hour drive from Anchorage on the Glenn Highway.
There are spectacular views of the glacier from the highway before you reach the entrance to Glacier Park. Hike, climb, camp and photograph the glacier!


Personal Responsibility

  • If you are not experienced in glacier travel hire someone who is.
  • It is your responsibility to be knowledgeable in glacier travel.
  • It is your responsibility to exercise caution.
  • It is your responsibility not to expose yourself or others to risk.
  • Please do not litter with anything including biodegradable products (orange peels and apple cores) these items last a long time on the glacier ice.
  • Please no cigarette butts on the ice.
  • Clean up after your dog. Droppings do not decompose on the ice.
  • Pack it in--pack it out please practice “leave no trace”.